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Carpinito Bros Produce Market

The only thing fresher than the farmer’s market is the farm

Farm Fresh Local Produce June - December

The majority of produce we offer at our produce stand comes from our own Carpinito family farm in the Kent Valley, where we hand-harvest our premium Carpinito Grown vegetables every morning to bring in fresh daily. Of course, we can’t grow everything ourselves— we’ve worked to establish relationships with farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest in order to bring the bounty of the whole region to our produce market & to the kitchens of Seattle-area families.

Arrival Dates

When are local strawberries coming in? Have Elberta Peaches arrived yet? Check out our Arrivals Calendar for estimates on when your favorite crops will be here. For live updates on product arrivals, follow us on Facebook & Instagram.


Carpinito Grown

Once recognized as the lettuce capital of the world, the Kent Valley has yielded high-quality, nutrient-rich crops for over 160 years. Our family is proud to work the same fertile farmland today.

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Anytime you visit our stand, June through December, you’ll notice special produce displays marked Carpinito Grown. These crops have the unique distinction of being grown on our local farm here in the Kent Valley, overseen by our family from planting to harvest. Our hand-picked veggies have a short trip from our farm to the stand, making farm-to-table living affordable, delicious, & community-driven.